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Online Arabic Language Program

For kids Grade 1 -2


Kalnor Arabic language program needs just 15 minutes practice every day.


We use A ‘little and often’ method which is ideal as it enables children to recall Arabic language and strengthen their reading, writing and conversational skills at regular interval without a lot of work


   The program has two options:


     Gold Subscription

      Silver Subscription

   Kalnor Arabic Language Program has:

Five online lessons every week

  30 minutes biweekly live lessons ( 6 live lessons a month) with the class teacher -
Only wiht Gold subscription

  24/7 access to online education center (classroom)



      Comparing Arabic language program subscriptions

    Features Gold Subscription Silver Subscription
Comprehensive curriculum
(reading, writing, conversation, grammar)
Yes Yes
24/7 Access to Online Class (Education Center ) Yes Yes
2 live lessons a week (30 minutes each) Yes No
Tailored assignments to student needs Yes No
A weekly performance report Yes Yes
Reward system Yes No
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