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Our Mission:

Provide a learning experience that enrich the whole life of student in affordable price

What we believe on:

Today with the available internet access and software , we can learn from anywhere.

Teaching Arabic for heritage learners should not be determined by where they live.

Learning a second language is an advantage.

We treat our students and partners (parents) the way we want to be treated.

Who we are?

We are proud to be the first online education center offers a Comprehensive Arabic Language Curriculum for students of grade 1 to grade 12 who don’t have Arabic Language subject in their regular schools.
Our working team is equipped with:

More than twenty years in the education field.
Rich experience in teaching the Arabic Language to non Arabic speakers in the western culture.
Plenty of practice in educational software and virtual environment.
Comprehensive awareness of the quality standards of online education.
Strong background in the management.

        Our programs

Kalnor Arabic language program offers 15 minutes per day practice. We use A ‘little and often’ method which is ideal as it enable children to recall Arabic language and strengthen their reading, writing and conversational skills at regular interval without a lot of work and hassle
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