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How it works?  

  Student weekly work flow

1.      Online Lesson
Students attend online lesson with a teacher where they listen, hear, see, write and work with the teacher - twice a week (Only with Gold subscription)

2.    Online Class (education center)
Student goes daily to the online class to watch educational videos, lessons and play educational games
3.    Homeworks
Student does his homeworks which include writing, reading, listening and speaking tasks
4.      Monitor
Student submits his homeworks to be reviewed by the teacher
5.        Report
Student’s performance gets evaluated and he receives a reward points

   Online  Lesson features

 High quality video and audio facilities, so students and teacher can hear, speak and see each others

Whiteboards where students write freehand in Arabic/English and work with the teacher

Simple tools for students to share their homeworks and projects live with the teacher

Subgroup option so the teacher can divide the class into pairs to  do in class activities

Welcome to Online Class

- Watch an educational videos
- Play interactive games
- Download worksheets
- Do the weekly assignments
- Submit homework and projects
- Do quizzes and exams
- Chat with the teacher

Types of Homeworks

  Audio assignment to practice pronunciation and speaking skills
  Video assignments to practice listening skill
  Story assignment to practice the reading skill
Reading assignment to practice the grammar

  Assignment with Arabic speakers to improve the conversation skill
  Worksheets to practice writing skill
See samples

  On hand projects to increase the awareness of Arabic culture
Crafts and rhythms to enhance learning the language
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