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           Learning Arabic Language

If your kid is descended from Arabic speakers or you are interested to teach your children the Arabic language, you need to start early.

 Introducing the Arabic language at least from Grade 1 and supplying a continuous practice will provide the child with enough skills to master the language.

        Why do you need to start now?

Comprehensive language program includes grammar, writing, reading, listening and conversation.

30 minutes biweekly live sessions (6 live sessions a month) with the class teacher. See features of Live Lessons

24/7 online access to Arabic worksheets, learning videos, stories and games. See features of Online Learning Center

Daily 15 minutes tasks and practice, except the weekends. See types of tasks

Learning program extends from grade 1 to grade 12.

Feedback and reporting system to monitor the students’ progress.

Professional teachers in learning Arabic for non-Arabic speakers.

Curriculum built upon joined professional standards from America and Arabic countries.

Online, no need to commute to any place.

Continuous practice of the language skills comparable to schools with Arabic curriculum.

Fun way to learn Arabic Language using games, projects, stories and rhythms.

Kids develop the language skills as they progress in their grades. See why you need to start early

Parents are involved in the learning process and feedback system.

Small classes consist of a maximum of 7 students.

Affordable and easy payment, discount is availabe for brothers and sisters. See Fees

Reward system to encourage students completing their tasks.

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