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Kalnor Arabic language program needs just
15 minutes practice every day.

        Arabic Language Program
       For kids Grade 1 – 12


        What is it for you as a parent?

- Do not needs to worry about when you kid will learn Arabic language.

- Do not need to regret that you never start early to teach your child the Arabic language.

- At any time you move to Arabic school or Arabic country, your child will be prepared to blend in the school system without hassle.

- The child will have the awareness of Arabic culture.

- If the interest of your child is to take Islamic studies, learning Arabic language will make it easy.

- If the child has relatives or friends who speak Arabic language, he will be engaged with them.

- When you start early, you will not need to work so hard with your child to get him learn the Arabic language.

- The scientific research has confirmed the value of learning the mother-tongue in order to gain another language. So learning the Arabic language will help in acquiring fluency in English as a second language in an easier and faster way.

               Why do you need to start now?

 - Embed the love of learning a second language in your kid.

- Kids get the awareness of other cultures.

- The kid acquires the new language as he/she is developing his learning skills

- The smoothness of learning a second language to a kid in a gradual manner.

- Kids acquire a second language so easily.

- Kids can learn languages fluently.

- Kids will have fun while exploring other language.

- Introduce the basic of the second language to your kid before he has a lot of home work and responsibilities.

- Starting early will give the kid the plenty of time in learning the second language.

- Introduce your kid to the interested Arabic dialectic.

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